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Organizations often struggle to recruit, hire and retain the talent they need to design, implement, configure, optimize and sustain the industry’s top cybersecurity tools. Phoenix Cybersecurity Services are a set of engineering, operations, sustainment and managed security services designed to deliver the expertise you need, when you need it — for whatever tool you have chosen.

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Phoenix takes an “operational” approach to every services engagement our cybersecurity experts design and deliver. Our engineers understand the importance of building the operational processes and metrics while designing the technical aspects of your project. This unique strategy ensures that your new security tools are quickly integrated into your security operation and immediately provide measurable value. Our team specializes in automation and orchestration, so all operational playbooks are designed for easy migration into automated workflows. And, to make sure our solutions continue to deliver on your requirements, we design sustainment schedules that describe the intervals for maintenance items, such as backups, patches, updates and optimizations. Every Phoenix engagement includes project deliverables that may include: architecture frameworks, technical and operational designs, as-built documentation, training for security analysts and administrators, and performance reports to make sure that management gains visibility into the impact of their cybersecurity investment.

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Implementing a new security tool can be challenging when you have limited in-house resources or expertise. Phoenix engineers can help you plan, architect, design and integrate many of the leading commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) security tools. Our engineering methodology is different from most integrators, because we simultaneously design the technical architecture, operational processes and sustainment schedules for your new tool. We also create your automation workflows, documentation, testing plans, training tools and performance metrics. Our unique holistic approach means that your new tool will “go live” quicker and offer immediate benefit to the entire security team.


Industry-leading security tools are protecting your organization, but what happens when you detect potential malware, or a malicious attack, and you need to research, respond and recover? Security Operations Centers encounter potential incidents every day, sometimes, thousands of times per day. Depending on the size of the organization, maturity of the team, and security tools involved, the processes and results are likely very different. But, there are industry Best Practices that can and should be applied—either manually or automatically. Phoenix engineers can help prepare your team for the inevitable attack with professionally-designed playbooks and automated workflows, custom-designed for your team, environment and tools.


Sustainment Services are the standard Maintenance, Platform Management and Technical Support services that keep your security tools healthy and your security analysts productive. These services include: patches, software updates, availability services, capacity planning, tool optimizations, operational improvements, health checks, backups, helpdesk and even cloud migrations. In most organizations, this administrative role is played by a separate engineering team. Phoenix offers Sustainment Services as part of a holistic services engagement. We can design and document the appropriate sustainment activities and recommended schedule for your team. Or, execute this suite of services as part of a quarterly Bucket of Hours contract, Managed Services agreement or Allesao engagement.


When you have limited resources, outsourcing some of your security operations tasks is a great option. Not only does it allow your team to focus on higher-priority activities, but it can also improve employee morale. Phoenix Managed Security Services are different than typical MSSP services. First, we prefer an on-premises security automation and orchestration solution that we implement, manage and sustain for you. Second, we don’t plan to inundate you with alerts that need to be researched and remediated. Our on-premises platform will resolve the majority (80-90%) of the alerts without any human intervention. Third, we’ll automate your current workflows and orchestrate the communications with your existing security tools. Fourth, you can start with just one security operations workflow (likely, the one that takes the most time). We offer traditional monthly MSSP pricing or you can choose to pay per workflow with Allesao. Either way, you get the same great custom implementation and 24×7 service.

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The solutions we deliver are a combination of our services and capabilities. If you need help with a security tool you already own, we are happy to help install, integrate, optimize, manage, automate or build security operations playbooks for that product. If you need help choosing a security tool, we are can assess your environment and recommend the product that best fits your requirements. For more information on each of these capabilities, including our preferred tools, click the “More Details”.

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Allesao | Managed Security Automation and Orchestration (SAO)

Allesao | Managed SAO

Allesao TM is the industry’s first all-inclusive Managed Security Automation and Orchestration (SAO) service. This unique pay-per-workflow service helps our clients leverage automation to alleviate alert fatigue, standardize response processes, and take action on ALL security alerts created by their world-class security tools.

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