Implementing new cybersecurity processes and technologies requires research and due diligence. Phoenix Cybersecurity has been helping clients analyze, update and automate their playbook processes for years. Our team has developed, implemented and refined our practices in some of the most demanding security operations environments. These automated methods have helped our clients realize a return on their investments in commercial off-the-shelf cybersecurity technologies and reduce the number of analysts required to manage the volume of alerts. The resources on this page were designed to help you better understand how security automation and orchestration will benefit your security operations team.

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Capability Statements

Phoenix Cybersecurity | Resources | Federal Capabilities Statement
Federal Capabilities Statement

The Federal Capabilities Statements describes our expertise, capabilities, services, federal contract vehicles and past performance delivering cybersecurity services and solutions to U.S. Federal Government clients.

Phoenix Cybersecurity | Resources | Enterrpise Capabilities Statement
Enterprise Capabilities Statement

The Enterprise Capabilities Statement describes our expertise, capabilities, services, and industry certifications for delivering cybersecurity services and solutions to enterprise clients within the United States.



Phoenix Cybersecurity | Resources | Allesao Datasheet
Allesao Datasheet

The Allesao datasheet summarizes the features and benefits of choosing a Managed Security Automation and Orchestration service to relieve some of the stress (i.e. alert fatigue) your security analysts are currently experiencing.



Phoenix Cybersecurity | Resources | SOC Automation ROI Presentation
SOC Automation: Real World ROI Presentation

This 9-minute presentation shows how Security Automation and Orchestration can reduce the time SOC analysts spend processing tickets—decreasing the organization’s Tier-1 workload by 75%. No registration required.