Allesao Managed SAO Automates Workflows for Small SecOps Teams

New Managed Security Service takes the burden off security teams with pay-per-workflow model

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Jun. 13, 2018 – Phoenix Cybersecurity introduces Allesao, the industry’s first all-inclusive, pay-per-workflow Managed Security Automation and Orchestration service for security operations teams. Allesao is designed to help resource-constrained enterprise security operations teams automatically triage, enrich and respond to cyber-threats without having to make a significant investment in platform, tools, and expert resources.

Security Automation and Orchestration (SAO) platforms allow organizations to keep up with the flood of alerts coming from their cybersecurity detection technologies. With Allesao, Phoenix SecOps & DevOps experts will convert a client’s existing manual processes into automated workflows. The workflows can leverage over 100 out-of-the-box security tool integrations (COTS, threat intelligence, sandbox, etc.) to automatically resolve alerts.

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Allesao is delivered with an on-premises, enterprise-class automation and orchestration software platform, security tools (EDR, Phishing, etc.), and engineering, operations and sustainment services for the selected workflows. Most clients will automate their most time-consuming, manual process first, but Allesao is also great for adding new security tools that they haven’t had the time or resources to implement. An Allesao agreement can start with one or two automated workflows and expand to include additional workflows over time.

“There are many security operations teams that are having a hard time recruiting and retaining the talent they need to handle all of their alerts. We designed Allesao to make automation and orchestration affordable—with a focus on providing immediate business value,” said Phoenix Managing Partner, Brian Kafenbaum. “Our team has been actively involved in security automation and orchestration solutions for the last three to four years. Allesao’s pay-per-workflow model allows us to implement SAO for smaller, resourced-constrained teams that really need the help.”

Using automated workflows to handle 80-90% of the alerts coming from a security tool allows the client’s analysts to focus their efforts on the most critical cybersecurity incidents. For the cases that require human intervention, the automated workflows still complete many of the incident response steps (triage, case enrichment, etc.), automatically — saving the analyst time and allowing them to concentrate on remediation.

Allesao Managed SAO is currently available in the United States. Pricing varies based on the number and kind of tools required, and the quantity of workflows purchased. However, the price of the first workflow should be about the same as hiring a cyber security analyst, according to Glassdoor. For more information or a demonstration, please visit

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